As easy as 1, 2, 3

Doing the FirstCar Academy course is easy, takes just a few minutes and it might
just save your life. Here’s how it’s done:


Enjoy 14 information road saftey videos, on your phone, tablet or computer


After each module, it's time for an interactive task to show your knowledge


Pass, and you can win great prizes and earn rewards and discounts!

Great benefits for Academy graduates

State of the art e-learning


A responsive platform means you can do the FirstCar Academy course on your mobile, tablet, laptop or desktop.


The 14 modules are video-based, with each one lasting just a few minutes, so the information is easy to take in.


Once you’ve completed FirstCar Academy, download your personalised certificate showing your name and grade.

FirstCar Academy will help you enjoy driving by increasing your knowledge and skills – plus the course is completely free!

FirstCar Academy Goals

This course will help you learn how to be a safer driver by equipping you with the knowledge to use the roads properly, plan ahead and look after your car. It will also help you: